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Heavy Engineering

  • Complete Mechanical Rocket and Assemblies
  • Radar Cooling System with Modules
  • Special Purpose Machines for Grinding & Polishing of Optics
  • Special Purpose Machines for Flow Forming

Electro Optics & Infra-Red (EO/IR)

  • Large size Optics for Space Applications
  • Space Camera’s – Hyper Spectral Imaging
  • SystemsEO/IR Systems – Assemblies & Sub-Assemblies for EO/IR Systems

Electro Magnetics

  • High Attenuation Faraday Cage for NATO Requirements
  • Low Attenuation – High Volume Filters for IEMI Purposes

Armoured Vehicle (Battle Tank) Programs

  • Weapon Stabilisation Systems for BMP/ICV/FICV
  • Firing Control Systems for BMP/ICV/FICV
  • Tank Overhaul/Upgradation Programs

Gun and Artillery

  • High Performance Reflex Sight with reduced weight
  • Corner-Shot Gun Electronics & Display