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MIL Grade Racks & Cabinets

Industrial 19" Racks - 19" Racks, Enclosure, Cabinets

Paras Defence offers indigenously developed designed Wall Mounted Enclosure with good international look for various applications. It is ideally suited for small networking installations, machine tool controllers and telecommunication applications.


Networking Data and Telecom Cabinets

  • Aluminium Extrusion Racks.
  • Comply with DIN 41494 and IEC 297 standards.
  • Designed for good thermal management.
  • Arrangement for scientific cabling.
  • Ideal for datacenters.

Softline Racks

  • Aluminium Extrusion Racks.
  • Comply with DIN 41494 and IEC 297 standards.
  • Corners with radius.
  • Ideal for shelter racks.
  • Available in both industrial and ruggedised version.

Cabinet with a Swing Frame

  • Comply with DIN 41494 and IEC 297
  • Swing frame for 19” rack mounting plane.
  • Screw less appearance.
  • Ideal for Heavy Duty applications.
  • Ideal for datacenters.
Industrial 19" Racks - Wall Mounted, Outdoor Enclosures - DR 13 Series


  •  Double Hollow Aluminium Extrusions for best rigidity.
  • Adjustable mounting rails both on front and rear.
  • Cable entry at the top and bottom.
  • Front Perspex door with lock.
  • Available in two versions, single section and double section.
  • Load capacity 25 kgs.

Scope of Supply Cabinet with Perspex Door

  • Wall Mounting brackets 4 numbers.
  • Adjustable mounting angles 4 numbers.


  • Extruded Aluminium frame and steel covers.


  • Powder Coated with standard colour options.
  • DA Grey / Munshell Grey.
  • Light Grey / Off white.
  • Black / Blue.

Standard Sizes


Height   Depth   Width    
U Usable Overall Usable Overall Usable Overall
  h H d D w W
6 266.70 355.60 390 450 19 Inch 545
9 400.05 488.95        
12 221.45 622.30        
  • All Dimensions in mm assuming standard supply.
  • In case of Double Section Swing Frame of 100 mm is added with optional accessories.
Industrial 19" Racks - Subrack - EURO, VME, CPCI


  • Confirm to IEC-297 and DIN 41494 standards, very modular.
  • The frame easily accommodates split backplanes (3U and 6U combinations), dual backplanes, and bridged backplanes.
  • Multiple sides, top, and bottom plate styles are available to give a system a better finished look.
  • Front and rear covers are available as screw type as well as hinge able (vertically and horizontally both)
  • PCB guides easy to fit, simple snap-on type with a good amount of rigidity and pass through 2g vibration test can take 1.6 mm to 2.4 mm thick PCBs
  • Supports bus standards like EURO, CompactPCI, VME, Advanced TCA
  • The Fascia can be duly reworked as per customer specifications and available standard as well as type IV ejector.
  • Cooling arrangement compatible to heat losses.
  • Cost-effective.


  • Profiles – Aluminium
  • Guide Rails- PVC
  • Guides – GFN

Finish : For the Rack

  • Powder Coating
  • Anodising
  • Chromate Converted

Scope of Supply

  • Side Angles 2 Nos.
  • Side Plates 2 Nos.
  • Horizontal profiles with Guide Rails to mount PCB guides – 4 Nos.
  • Threaded strips (M2.5 or M3)

Sizes of Industrial card racks (EURO connector) – DR 20 Series


Height Overall Usable Width Usable Overall Depth Usable PCB Depth
U H h T w W d  
2 88.10 55.10 21 107.00 163.00 140 80
3 132.55 100.00 42 213.40 269.40 200 100
4 177.00 144.45 63 320.00 376.00 260 160
5 221.45 188.90 84 427.00 483.00 320 220
6 265.90 233.35       380 280


Sizes of Industrial card rack (VME) – DR 23 Series


Height Overall Width Usable Overall Depth of the rack With RTM Depth of the rack Without RTM Motherboard mtg. c.d.
U H T w w D d  
3 132.50 20 101.50 157.50 284 184.20 122.50
6 265.50 25 127.00 183.00 284 184.20 255.50
    35 178.00 234.00      
    40 203.00 259.00      
    84 427.00 483.00      


Sizes of Industrial card rack (compactPCI) – DR 25 Series


Height Overall Width Usable Overall Depth of the rack With RTM Facia mtg. c.d. Motherboard mtg. c.d.
U H T w W D    
3 132.50 20 101.50 157.50 284 122.50 122.50
6 265.50 24 122.00 178.00   225.50 255.50
    32 162.50 218.50      
    84 162.50 218.50      


Sizes for Industrial Advanced TCA racks – DR 21 Series


Width Usable Overall Height in PCB Height Overall Rack Height PCB 1 Depth PCB2 Depth
T w W U   H    
24 107.00 163.00 8 322.25 354.75 280 70
48 213.40 269.40          
72 320.00 376.00          
84 427.00 483.00          
Industrial 19" Racks - 19" Inch chassis, Tabel Top cases

19” Rack Mountable Subrack

19” Rack Mountable Subrack

  • Complete precision in meeting standards
  • Hinged (Vertical or Horizontal) type Front/Rear.
  • Ventilation options from all sides for better cooling.
  • Weight Carrying capacity up to 25 kgs.
  • 19” mounting also available on Telescopic Slides.

2U Softline

2U Softline

  • Elegant design with screwless appearance and soft corners.
  • Side covers are aluminium extruded profiles.
  • Top/bottom cover screw less – groove to groove sliding type.
  • Ideal for Table Top equipments.

Softline - Adorn

Softline – Adorn

  • Uniform ample radius at four corners to keep you unhurt.
  • Front cover screwless.
  • Tilting legs provided for an angular position of Front.
  • Weight Carrying capacity up to 25-30 kgs.
  • Multipurpose – can house both, chassis and card rack.

Softline – Springy

Soft line – Springy

  • Complete flexibility in dimensions.
  • Extremely lightweight rack with soft line corners.
  • Ideal for Table Top equipment.
  • Wall mount version is also available.
Industrial 19" Racks - Accessories to 19” Floor Standing Racks

>Cooling Fans with Fan Covers

Cooling Fans with Fan Covers

These are used for supporting the thermal management. Cooling required for the important equipments can be achieved by fitting fan housing units next to them containing these cooling fans. Dimension: 4” and 6”

Lifting Bolts

Lifting Bolts

These eye bolts are made of forged steel with load-bearing capacity of 350 kgs. Four eye bolts are required for each cabinet.

Cable Channel

Cable Channel

Cable channels are linear extruded profiles that are used to organize and protect cables and wiring.

Equipment Support Angels

Equipment Support Angels

Provided to support the equipments either from side or from the bottom depending on the accessories. Suitable for supporting 19″ Rack Mounting Equipment in 19″ Enclosure.

Base Frames

Base Frames

Base frames are welded steel structures used to provide rigidity. Their height of 60 mm provides additional clearance for introducing cables into the cabinets from below.

19” Floor Standing Racks - 42 Series

PCB Guides 

PCB Guides

Made from GFN (Glass Filed Nylon) 30% plastic material. All the pieces are in single lengths and are suitable for 80 mm, 100 mm, 160 mm, 220 mm, and 280 mm deep PCBs. A special feature is that it can take 1.6 mm to 2.4 mm thick PCB without any play in card guide.

PCB Holder / Facia Panel 

PCB Holder / Facia Panel

This is also made from GFN 30% plastic material. It connects to PCBs and Facia. Made of 2.5 mm Aluminium. Mostly Anodised. Facia Panel consists of PCB holder for Mounting PCBs.



Made of plastic. These legs are used for card or instrument racks. Available as 2 flat and 2 with tilts. Weight Carry Capacity: 5 kgs.

Threaded Strip 

Threaded Strip

These slide into special grooves in the aluminium profile to allow fixing Front panels, Facia and Modules. These strips can be with M 2.5 and M 3 tapped holes. Maximum length 84T made of M.S or S.S. 304 duly electropolished.

Front And Rear Panels 

Front And Rear Panels

Front and rear panels are available for all standard models of card rack and instrument racks. These panels can be of screw on type or hinged type (hinged either on sides or at bottom).

Defence Systems (Naval, Air & Military) - Ruggedised EMI / RFI Protected Consoles

Mil Grade Consoles – DR 10 Series

Paras Defence manufactures floor-standing racks, sub-racks and their accessories to IEC 297 and DIN 41494 standards. We serve both the defence and civil industries.

Construction and Finish

  • Cabinet is built of Hard Alloy (6351 WP) Aluminium Extrusions and HE 30 sheets using TIG Welding technique.
  • All fasteners of SS 304 electro polished and passivated.
  • Shock Mounts AKCC Type.

Available Sizes

Height Width Depth
Usable Usable Overall  
12U to 32U 19 inch Max. 500 mm for submarine Flexible to accommodate different systems.
      Max. 320 mm for submarine



  • In house systems with buss standards such as VME, VME64X and CompactPCI.
  • Two Displays can be added on to a Swing Frame (Optional)
  • Indicator Panel is available at Topside – can be hinged type.
  • Foldable Keyboard can be integrated to the cabinet or can be on telescopic slide.
  • Compact Ergonomic Design.
  • Weight of the cabinet Standard 5 VME level cabinet is less than 82 kgs.
  • Static load-carrying capacity 400 kgs.
  • Cabinet is designed to be rigid in construction.
  • Special Grounding Schemes:
    • Isolated Ground
    • Cabinet Ground

Cooling Systems

  • Series-flow or parallel-flow cooling.
  • Close-circuit Air to Air (CAA) cooling through specially developed heat-exchangers with 100% control over dust and humidity.
  • Open-loop cooling with air filters.
  • AC adaptability for higher watt losses.
  • Chilled air cooling.

Compliance to Standards (MIL and JSS 55555)

  • Vibration: MIL-STD 167
  • Acoustic Noise: MIL-STD-740-1
  • Type of protection (up to) IP 56
  • MIL-STD 810E
    • Shock
    • Drip proof
    • Humidity
    • Salt fog

Rack Applications

  • On board Naval Ships, Submarine or ATR.
  • Command and Control Systems and Components (C4I)
  • Communications Systems and Equipment.
  • Combat Management.
  • Electronic Warfare Systems.
  • Fire Control, Surveillance and Targeting.
  • Navigation and Satellite Communications.
  • Sonar Systems and Equipment.
  • Military communication, radar control.
  • Military automation equipment.
  • Military Shelters.
  • Submarine Diesel Pump Monitoring Systems.
Defence Systems (Naval, Air & Military) - Ruggedised Subrack - VME, CPCI, Advance TCA
  • Very modular. The frame easily accommodates split backplanes (3U and 6U combinations), dual backplanes and bridged backplanes.
  • Flexibility to accommodate front panels / facias with type IV ejector.
  • Cooling arrangement commensurate with heat dissipation required.
  • Suitable for following bus systems :
    • EURO connector
    • CompactPCI
    • VME
    • Advanced TCA


  • Aluminium extrusions (HE-9 T6)
  • Aluminium Sheets 3 mm (HE-20)
  • Guides – Extruded Aluminium (Black Anodized) or SS guides (Electro polished)


  • Inside Chromate Converted
  • Outside
    • Fire retarding paint
    • Euro shine polyurethane paint.
    • Chromated
    • Powder coating

Scope of Supply

  • Side Angles plus handles 2 Nos.
  • Side Plates 2 Nos.
  • Horizontal profiles with guide plates to mount SS guides or tapped strip to mount extruded aluminium guides.
  • SS Threaded strips (plated ) (M2.5 or M3)


Standard sizes in mm ruggedised card racks (EURO connector) – DR 22 Series


Width in Usable Overall Height in Overall in PCB Size PCB Depth in
T t T U H in mm mm
21 107.00 163.00 3 132.50 100.00 80.00
42 213.40 269.40 4 177.00 144.45 100.00
63 320.00 376.00 5 221.50 188.90 160.00
84 427.00 483.00 6 265.50 233.35 220.00


Standard sizes in mm ruggedised card racks (VME) – DR 24 Series


Width Usable Overall Height Overall Depth With RTM Depth Without RTM Motherboard mtg. c.d.
T w W U H      
20 101.50 157.50 3 132.50 284 184.20 122.50
25 127.00 183.00 6 265.50 284 184.20 255.50
35 178.00 234.00          
40 203.00 259.00          
84 427.00 483.00          


Standard sizes in mm ruggedised card racks (CompactPCI) – DR 25 Series


Width Usable Overall Height Overall Depth With RTM Facia mounting c.d Motherboard mtg. c.d.
T w W U H      
20 101.50 157.50 3 132.50 284 122.50 122.50
24 122.00 178.00 6 265.50 284 225.50 255.50
32 162.50 218.50          
40 203.00 259.00          
84 427.00 483.00          
Interation & Services

Paras Defence provides technologically faultless solutions. Solutions range from Thermal Management to Cable Management and assembly of other electronic installations thereby we offer fully integrated systems.

Cable Management

Defence cabling requirements demand higher performance. Cables are an Integral Component in the overall systems, their technical properties are fully utilised only when they are laid, tied properly. With a wide range of system accessories, we implement with precise planning, the cabling of electro-mechanical know how, integration of components including complex systems. Wide range of cabling accessories enable aesthetics as well as functional optimisation, long life and clarity in appearance.

Thermal Management

More than ever before thermal management is the heart of any system. With the ever rising sophistication of the systems, corresponding energy flows lead to higher and higher heat losses. The same can be dissipated with scientific Integration of ventilation, heating and air conditioning. After assessing the environment we apply the most relevant thermal concepts for optimising the airflow.

Following cooling alternative can be integrated into our racks

  • Series-flow or parallel-flow cooling.
  • Close-circuit Air to Air (CAA) cooling through specially developed heat-exchangers with 100% control over dust and humidity.
  • Open-loop cooling with air filters.
  • AC adaptability for higher watt losses.
  • Chilled air cooling.

Assembly of Electronic Components

  • To avoid the mismatching Paras has started integrating following components to offer a ready to use system
  • MIL grade Displays
  • VME, CompactPCI Backplanes
  • Power Supply
  • Power Supply Backplanes
  • Cooling Fans
  • Power Distribution
  • Indicator Panel components
  • D38999 Connectors
  • Fiber Optic Connectors
  • Industrial/MIL Grade Keyboards
  • Industrial/MIL Grade PCs
Electronic Passive Components

Backplanes VME or CPCI

VME 64X Backplane
The VME64x is an extension of the VME family according to ANSI/VITA 1.1-1997 and permits 64-bit data traffic. This system is downward compatible, so that assemblies with 96-pin connectors to DIN 41612 can be inserted in the 160-pin socket connectors on the backplane.

Following options are available:
 Manual Daisy Chaining In the case of unused slots, the daisy chain signals can be bridged by means of jumpers or wire-wrap connections from the front or rear of the backplane. Power is supplied via screw connections and terminal bars.
 Automatic Daisy Chaining Automatic daisy chain wiring with OR gates makes manual setting of jumpers unnecessary.
 Live Insertion and Automatic Daisy Chain Live Insertion does not require additional modules; these have already been integrated in the backplane. Automatic daisy chain wiring with OR gates makes manual setting of jumpers unnecessary.

CPCI Backplanes

General and technical Information
The CompactPCI bus is compatible with the PCI bus known from the PC world as far as the electrical specifications are concerned. The mechanical specifications were adapted to the commonly used Euro-board plug-in system in the 19? card rack. Therefore this bus is also suitable for industrial purposes. Previously unattained signal speeds supported by the layout technology developed by Guarantee more stability and reliability for assemblies operating in the limit range. The backplanes are distinguished by a completely novel energy buffering feature which works across the entire frequency range. This feature guarantees improved reliability thanks to more stable supply voltages directly at the slot in conjunction with fluctuating loads.

Chassis GND connection
A continuous electrically conductive chassis GND surface is located in the area where the bus board is mounted on the card rack. An M3 screw connection is available to connect the chassis ground. By installing a connecting bracket or terminal bar, the chassis GND can be connected to GND in a low-resistance star arrangement.

JTAG connector
A separate 6-pin connector for JTAG boundary scan is implemented on the backplane. Faster, simpler system initialization and testing by means of the JTAG bus even in the completely mounted state are achieved by direct access via an additional connector on the backplane.

Utility connector
The special signals to the power supply unit and external LEDs are routed to separate plug-in connectors on the backplanes. Depending on the backplane type, either a 10-pin or a 14-pin connector is used.

ATX connector
The ATX power supply connector used in the PC world is integrated in some backplane variants. This results in a highly efficient and economic solution for supplying power to the backplane via ATX connectors and for the wiring of fans and drives.

Power Supply

CompactPCI Power Supply
CompactPCI AC/DC power supplies deliver up to 500W continuous power. Products are compliant with the PICMG® 2.11 power interface specification using the standard Positronic 47-pin connector.
Two converters in parallel, one for the +3.3V and the other for the +5V, enable the user the flexibility to determine unique load requirements for each channel independently. Full load can be drawn from each channel independently.

Input Requirement

Dc Inpute Dc INput Voltage 36 – 72 VDC
Input Inrush Current 20AMax.
Input Reflected Ripple FCC-68 part 15 & EN55022 Class B with the use of an external line filter
Active Power Factor Correction Efficiency @ 48/24VDC 83% @ 48VDC
Input Line Protection Non-User Serviceable Fuse
V1/Current +5VDC /50A
V2/Current +3.3VDC / 80A
V3/Current +12VDC / 7.5A
V4/Current -12VDC / 1.5A
Aux V/Current N/A
Total Output Power 400W with 250LFM ( 500W With 400LFM – Safety Pending)
Line Regulation +/- 0.5%
Hot-Swap Yes
Current Share Single Wire – on V1 & V2
Remote Sense (Open sense lines protected) On +5VDC & +3.3VDC
Long Term Stability 0.1% over 10 Hours after 10min. Warm Up



Operation -5C to +55C with 250LFM Forced Air Cooling
Storage -40C to +85C
Cooling 250LFM Forced Air Cooling
Humidity Up to 95% RH Non-Condensing
Shock and Vibration Storage EN 300 019-2-1 Storage class 1.2’ EN 300 019-2-2
Transportation Class 2.3’ EN 300 019-2-3 Use class 3.3


Display Monitors

Paras Defence is authorised distributor of KME displays for Indian Region. Check out their website to explore the wide range of displays manufactured by KME.