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EMP Shielded Rooms & Control Centers

EMP Shielded Rooms & Control Centers

A prefabricated modular EMP Protected Cage (internal to or independent of the host building) provides a superior screening of RF signals and is applicable in a wide range of situations for a wide range of purposes of HEMP & EMP Freestanding construction

  • High shielding performance without deterioration.
  • Easy to modify, enlarge or reinstall with conventional hand power tools.
  • Easy to mount by skilled local workers.
  • Custom designs available.
  • Entry panel fitted with: Power filters, single-phase or three-phase (specify ampere, voltage and frequency)
  • Feedthrough signal filters.
  • Waveguides for passage of fibre optics cables.
  • Feedthrough penetration (e. g. SMA or BNC connector)
  • Grounding bolt.
On-Site Installation

On-Site Installation of EMP Protected Areas is an equally important and skilled task as the basic product design and manufacturing. Our experienced and skilled team offers a full turnkey solution for installation and testing of the EMP Protected Areas on Site.

Advantages include:

  • Measurement on location.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Certification.
  • Expertise in all screening/shielding disciplines.