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Turnkey EMP Projects

Automated Test Equipments (ATE)

Automated Test Equipments are manufactured and Integrated by Paras Defence under collaboration with Israeli Company with high standards and quality and processes. The ATE Design is governed by the Israeli Company and comprises of complex test capabilities and predictable performance. With immense experience in this field, ATE’s by Paras Defence meet the most demanding needs of testing complex systems.


  • Test facility for high precision systems
  • Testing of Missiles and Systems
Defence Automation Solutions (DAS)

We’ve made in-roads into Automation for Defence with a focus to integrate its multiple strengths into a solution. With this solution based approach and strong concept understanding, we could gradually pioneer the Defence Automation Solutions by delivering state-of-the-art Rugged Control Systems.

MIL-Grade COTS Products

cCots: Rugged Solutions for Commercial Products. cCOTS series incorporates solutions offered by Paras Defence wherein a commercially available system is modified to operate in Industrial or Military Environment. 

Ruggedisation of (COTS) commercial systems is implemented based on concepts of Passive/Active Thermal Management, Structurally Rigid Subcomponent Assembly and EMI/EMC Shielding etc. All this is done in keeping OEM’s warranty and support intact. Some of the successfully implemented versions of this series are Rugged Cisco Routers, Rugged RAD Modems, Rugged Sun Workstations and Nortel IP Phones etc.


  • Mission Critical-High Performance Applications
  • Military Communications
  • Networking in Military