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Heavy Duty Antenna Mechanical Structures

Heavy Duty Antenna
Mechanical Structures
MIL Qualified
Rugged Display
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Control Console / System
COTS System
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Rugged VME/
VPX Platforms
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Cooling Assemblies
Heavy Duty Antenna Mechanical Structures

Paras Defence pioneered in offering cold plates for all the radar programs in India. Our customer entrusted in Paras defence with a large antenna mechanical structure integrated with multiple radar subsystem cooled by the cold plates manufactured by us. These mechanical structures were not only meant for accommodating a radar subsystem in static condition but also meet harsh MIL requirement in a complete integrated form. The complete radar performance was dependent on the subsystem housed in these mechanical structures and we are proud to highlight that. There was no failure during shock vibration. This boosted the confidence of our customers and hence today we are given the opportunity not just to build the cold plates but also the complete cooling assemblies.