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Shielded Doors

Shielded Doors

EMP/EMI shielded doors

Paras Defence is the undisputed market leader in Shielded Doors, where we produce large quantity of doors every year for various Electromagnetic Shielding applications. Shielded Door(s) becomes the most critical Point-Of-Entry (PoE) in any installation, as the door is opened multiple times & each time it is closed, it is required to offer the same Shielding Performance.

  • Offer exceptional Shielding performance along with ease of operation & high durability.
  • Special Engineering focus is made during Design & Manufacturing of Shielded doors as they are most critical Point-of-Entry all to its frequent usage.
  • Heavy-duty cam latch strikes for two-point latching.
  • Rugged construction of Door is suitable for Naval & Heavy Industry application.
  • Fire classification can be offered as an optional requirement.
  • Single finger strip door(finger strip door with soldered or clamped fingers)
  • Offer Heavy-duty cam latch strikes for two-point latching & Clip-in-place Beryllium Copper finger stock.
Screen Rooms & Range Of EMI/RFI Shielding Products
Screen Rooms & Range Of EMI/RFI Shielding Products

cWave Series from Paras Defence is the range of EMI Shielding products / RFI Shielding products. Products like Screen Doors, Screen Rooms, Conductive Foam Gasket, Finger Stocks, EMI Window, Conductive Silicone Gasket etc. make the cWave Series.

Paras Defence has today dedicated its R&D Efforts in the field of EMI EMC Solutions and has knowledge and expertise to overcome problems arising due to Radiated & Conducted Noise.

Development of Screen Room & Screen Doors for Indian Navy with successful efforts in improvement of design has made Paras Defence the only certified vendor to Indian Navy for Screen Doors.

Paras Defence represents companies worldwide who manufacture EMI Shielding products / RFI Shielding products like gaskets, finger stocks etc. Today with an increase in awareness of EMI problems, there has been a steep rise in applications where such products can be used, be it Mobile Phones or Aircraft.

Applications :

  • Communication Devices
  • Home appliances
  • Mobile Equipments
  • Mission Critical Systems
  • Sensitive Electronics etc.
  • Extensive Knowledge resource
  • In house pre-compliance test facilities for RE & CE
  • Access to world class EMI/RFI Shielding components
  • Recognised by the Industry Experts in the field of EMI/EMC
  • Experience in manufacturing of Screen Doors, Screen Rooms, RFI Shielding Enclosure etc.