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Lens Barrel

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Lens Barrel
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Lens Barrel

Paras defence offers specialized turnkey solutions for complex Optomechanical lens assemblies. Such type of lens assemblies hold optical elements in proper position and maintain position throughout the range of conditions encountered in the working temperature, pressure and vibration environments of the optical systems. The ability to carry out Zernike and FE (Finite Element) analysis on our lens assemblies gives us the edge to offer solutions which are always predictable and in line with what is required by the system design. With our highly qualified design engineers, we can offer assemblies with an accuracy of focal length up to 150mm. These complex lens assemblies are generally used in Defence & Space applications.

Configurations 1 FOV / 2 FOV / 3 FOV & Continuous Zoom
F Nos. f/0.85, f/1.2, f/1.25, f/1.4, f/1.6….f/5.5
Focus Motorised
Focal Lengths up to 150mm
Zooms Manual / Continuous
Types Radiometric & Athermalised