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Acoustic And Magnetic Sensing Products

Acoustic And Magnetic Sensing Products

cSense Series : Magnetically Operated Multi Contact (MOMC) Position Sensor. Paras Defence has indigenously developed position sensor cSense series required for Mission Critical Application.

The measurement of position & displacement of physical objects is essential for many applications. The sensor has multiple contacts in series and parallel, which give the benefit of locating the exact position of the magnetic field producing element. In defence electronic systems where it can be used as a switch.

The principle of working of MOMC position sensor is based on the characteristic of a reed. The specially chosen reed is an electronic element which conducts an electric current whenever it kept in a magnetic field i.e. magnetic field produces a potential difference across the reed.

It has a health check facility with an appropriately rated coil provided into the sensor. Whenever an electric current passes through the coil it produces a magnetic field across the coil.

  • Input : 28V DC supply
  • Output : 6 Potential free contacts
  • Power Rating : 3.64 W
  • Operating Temperature : -20°C to +55°C
  • Contact working Range : 0 to 36V
  • Health Check : Built in Health check coil
  • Enclosure : Stainless Steel/Aluminum
  • Electrical connections : Wire with plugs
  • Contact Ratings : 130 mA
  • Coil current rating : 120 mA
  • Overall Dimension of Sensor : 86mm(W) X 77mm (H) X 266mm (D)