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EMP Protection Filters/Arrestors

EMP Filters

Power Line, as well as Signal Line Filters, are available for EMP Protection, as per user requirement.

Power Line Filters:

  • Selection from a wide Power and Frequency Range
  • Mains filter for single and three-phase systems
  • Insertion transmission loss 100 dB @ 14 kHz
  • Double – π circuit
  • Rod cores allow asymmetrical load
  • Self-healing effect of foil capacitors
  • Suitable for use under extreme conditions (military applications)
  • Wear resistant
  • Insensitive to corrosion
  • Signal Line Filters
  • Wide Range of Signal Line Filters
  • Available for Standard Signals viz: Audio, DVI & USB data
  • Fibre-optic Ethernet converter
  • Telephone and data communication
  • Control and fire alarm
Interface Design

The interfaces to/from any EMI or EMP protected unit have to be carefully designed to ensure no losses and leakages are found. We offer a wide solution for this.

Advantages include:

  • EMC line filters with integrated power inlet
  • High-performance shielding cable entry system
  • High performance EMC cable glands
  • Shielded connector hoods
  • Cable grounding clamps
  • Shielding accessories for cables
  • EMI / RFI cable entry glands